Barter Media Brokers is a specialized trade portal providing capacity management and cash flow recognition to Advertising Outlets and Media Properties. If your media property has excess capacity or non utilized placement opportunities you can exchange that excess ad capacity into goods and services they are currently paying cash for. Would you like to sell every one of the ad spaces you have available at full rate card value?, and make those sales to customers you have not contacted previously. Through the use of barter and trade activities we are able to bring you new customers that will pay full value and will do so at the last minute when you have exhausted all your cash sale opportunities. Marketing your excess capacity provides the following benefits to your media property • No Income opportunity goes un-realized • New customers are developed that make excellent reference points for your cash sales efforts • You recognize full retail value for inventory that would otherwise be severely discounted or go un-sold Your Business can now use these funds to purchase things you're currently paying cash for or would like to purchase if the resources were available. This allows you to purchase, for example, $2000 in company promotional products for the hard costs associated with the $2000 worth of advertising you provided. With basic overhead costs being fixed, and most advertising opportunities being a perishable commodity the costs associated with the $2000 purchase can be as low as $200. Saving you $1800 in expenses as well as having an opportunity to use the trade based advertiser as a reference point to sell cash based advertising to their competitors Although not all of your monthly cash expenses can be paid for through the use of your trade agreement we are able to replace a significant number of cash expenses with trade based payments. For more information on maximizing the return on your excess ad capacity please contact Barter Media Brokers
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