Barter Media Brokers provides a viable solution to your corporate advertising needs. Save cash and use your company's products, services and other assets to finance and pay for major advertising campaigns. Receive up to full retail value for your under performing assets, excess capacity and perishable inventory Improve your cash flow - Expand your market share - Open new distribution channels
Exchanging Excess Capacity And Under-Utilized Assets To:
Manage Excess Capacity, Increase Sales, Solve Occupancy Challenges, Expand Stock Value, Guarantee Room Bookings
Manage Excess Capacity
Increase Sales Figures
Solve Occupancy Challenges
Guarantee Room Bookings
Expand Stock Value
Utilize excess capacity or distressed inventories to fund your adverting needs
Increase sales in the current accounting period and lower net operating costs
Increase occupancy rates in under performing real estate assets
Increase sales and lower costs while generating PR opportunities
Turn empty room nights into expanded ad campaigns and guaranteed bookings
When your businesses needs to advertise to gain new customers and expand market share through a structured branding campaign or integrated direct response effort and you do not have the cash resources to do so , Barter Media Brokers will provide you with a viable solution to your advertising needs.
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Media Sellers utilize Barter Media to exchange excess ad capacity into goods and services they are currently paying cash for. Trade members, Advertisers and Corporate Trade partners gain access to top tier advertising placements nationally , regionally and in local markets throughout North America.
“Barter Media Brokers is the premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major media outlets”
Featured Advertising Opportunities
Travel Radio Programming The Premier Travel Destinations Minute is a 60 second radio program running on over 100 News , sports and music stations nationally twice a day Monday through Sunday. The program presents to listeners what has been chosen as the top resort destinations throughout the world Resort destinations can purchase 20 and 45 second positions on this program on 100% Trade Packages start at $15,000 full trade for 30 days of exposure Deliver your digital display ads via contextual targeting. Deliver your message on content specific web pages in the (3) prime banner sizes -- 728 x 90 , 160 x 600 and 300 x 250 For example – deliver a resort advertisement just on web pages about travel or a bridal ad on pages just about weddings. Over 40 target specific categories match your ads to those with an interest in your product or service. $6 cpm on 3 million impression minimum for nationally targeted campaigns. Geo targeting is available down to DMA level at a $2 cpm premium on a 2 million impression minimum. Bulk TV airtime available – nationwide at under $3 CPM. Most cable broadcast networks reach 30 mm HH’s nationwide – audited viewership data. All demo clusters available. Primarily single feed overnight and daytime along with weekend avails billed only for actual viewers. Networks are sold in package groupings / Network clusters Must be new , non cash , national advertiser. Minimum order is $60,000 trade (20m impressions).
Barter Media Brokers Announces the expansion of the Hospitality Occupancy Stimulus Plan to include creation of virtual reality resort tours from the world’s leading Virtual Reality producers ReelTime VR.
Barter Media Brokers offers each participant $25,000 to $500,000 in advertising utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, and Print through a strategic marketing campaign in their targeted geographic area. The advertising is paid for with unsold room nights guaranteeing the property the ability to increase their advertising exposure, without the use of cash, using new sales of excess capacity that would otherwise go unsold.
We currently have over 2,800 advertising opportunities available on trade including major TV, Radio, Print, Internet and out of home placements and offer an array of alternative finance programs to help you obtain the major advertising you need to meet your advertising objectives